Audio & design

For over twenty years, Audiogram represents a perfect balance between various elements: extensive experience in music and technology, careful study design, use of latest technology, a complete system of devices for reproduction of Audio and Audio-Video indisputable .

Present on the international markets for many years in the Hi End, or the world of sound reproduction that uses high-quality audio systems, AUDIOGRAM has always been the wide range of products with a philosophy that does not look only to exceptional musical performances or technological sophistication typical of the Hi End world, but has always put his projects in a most careful attention to aesthetics, materials used, colors and shapes, considering the Audio or Audio-Video system as a real their own piece of furniture.

The chain aims to satisfy the most demanding tastes and offered to be integrated into many types of environments.
The achievements with AUDIOGRAM systems are among the most heterogeneous when it needs to achieve maximum results in terms of sound and image, they range from small to large home environments, small or large structures such as hotels, spas, workshops , as well as to the boats.
The choice of any product line Audiogram, to differences in installations with commercial sound systems, adds to the ambiance of prestige and elegance both in terms of sonic sophistication in the details.

The color contrast between the brushed aluminum and the black  glass, cut in an optimal way for the reflection of light used for the amplifiers, the curved wood combined with anodized aluminum plates used for the speakers, the glossy lacquer wood effect "mirror "all-new metallic paint, the ability to choose colors based on various types of furniture, are clear choices AUDIOGRAM, mark" Made in Italy "did, and developed through the collaboration of large Italian companies operating in sectors complementary.

The most recent installations Audiogram with the products were made by architects or designers who have chosen these systems for their styling versatility for integration,
the ability to customize colors and finishes.

To all of you who look for beauty, naturalness, quality, you that love the pleasure of certain small actions and want to discover your fond memories through music, you are devoted to products AUDIOGRAM.

Lo staff dei collaboratori Audiogram si è arricchito della presenza dell'Ing. Giacomo Vacca, che con il suo lavoro ha apportato un notevole contributo alla realizzazione del  progetto DA6, il convertitore di punta.

L'Ing. Vacca, persona affidabile con alto know-how ingegneristico, si occupa di progettazione nel settore dll'elettronica industriale.