AUDIOGRAM, as well as its founders, was born in Tuscany, a region of our beautiful country famous and known throughout the world, offering unique beauty from the point of view of the territory, history, cities of art and popular tradition.

Geographically, the company is located in the industrial area of ​​Pisa, close to a major motorway junction that connects easily with the North and South Italy, and 1 km from Galileo Galilei International Airport, with its numerous flights around the active world and a unique comfort for those who want to get faster.

The factory has three main work areas: the area of ​​design, production departments and showrooms.

The design is the development of real products, all appliances are born or are born in this area, here are designed and prototyped with the help of technological equipment for their finalization.

The area of ​​production is divided between the part used for the assembly of electronics and speakers.
Regarding the production specify that all projects are carried out within the enclosure and to provide industrial-grade construction standards, AUDIOGRAM does make the various parts in wood, aluminum, glass, printed circuit boards, toroidal transformers, speakers, and all semi-finished products, to large Italian companies each specializing in their manufacture.
In this way you can get high quality standards, because of the high professionalism of the companies operating in various sectors, such as woodworking made with numerical control machines, or laser cutting of metals, for cutting crystal used on the front panels of the electronics, the turning of knobs, paint and lacquer for  speaker made in special pressurized cabins.
Semi-finished products are then assembled by workers Audiogram and put on probation for at least twelve hours, then the devices are packaged and stored in a warehouse.

The last area concerns the showroom, a large and comfortable lounge where guests are greeted by demonstrations, and where you can listen to the entire production AUDIOGRAM permanently exhibited.

For many years promoted the idea that technology alone is not the result, the emotions created by a good listening are perceptible beyond the famous propaganda or commercial pressures.

In AUDIOGRAM we have always believed that the only way to judge the sound produced by a system is listening.
If the sound is reproduced in a natural way, if it is addictive, if you work in you, a series of pleasant emotions and memories, then we are faced with a good system and your final decision will be dictated by the beauty of execution and all notes and nuances that you've never heard before.
Our products are intended for all those who can recognize the value of an object and identify the qualities. For many years the research and the goal of producing AUDIOGRAM equipments were those that would make "happy" its owners: the superlative sound, original designs for the flexible integration in the home and, not least, the excellent relation price / quality.

Even today our systems Audio or Audio-Video technology and reliability are solidly anchored musical innovation and research, this formula is enclosed and why if you buy a unit AUDIOGRAM today increasingly find its value and its beauty even in the distant future.

Beyond fashion and market trends, our products retain personality, durability, today's models you will find them ready tomorrow to go over your musical history, your emotions, your memories.

We hope that you share with us these ideas that are the basis of our design philosophy, and you will understand why after so many years we are still producing with enthusiasm
"objects" in the know well the difference between transmitting the "stereo" or "the system or Home Theatre Video" which sounds just making noise, and products that bring in your homes a touching realism and detail of the events you want to share .

These are our considerations, we advise you to put our own enthusiasm to make your thoughts.



Audiogram history and its philosophy is traced from 1990 through the birth and evolution of sound reproduction devices that have entered over the years, in the hearts and minds of many people.

Its founders, Simone Grassulini, Jean Serge Di Giorgio, Massimiliano Del Corona, from a young age have taken a long journey for the knowledge of the world Hi End, which, for those who do not know, is the world of music reproduction with equipment excellent, very high quality.

Since the 80' years, these young "precursors" have worked with great enthusiasm and passion in the High End Market, offering facilities unknown to the Italian market, brands such as Linn and Naim have done innovative work in those time, in promulgating the philosophy of Audio demonstrations in comparison, to enhance and highlight the real difference between sound products.
We remember where  years when born the first computers, there was no transmission by fax, correspondence and all the administrative sector were managed with aid of the "famous" Olivetti typewriter.
The first technological tools offered at that time were these, and this used Simone, Jean-Serge, and Massimiliano and Antonio Trebbi, the founder of their first company, we can not say that it was not true love!

This pioneering work in a long time evolving industry, has continu ed over time, the many skills, both in musical, technical and commercial field, have expanded research and study were completed, up to 1990, the year in which these well-known "ex-young-boys" founded Audiogram, as the sum of all their vast experience accumulated over many years of painstaking and passionate work.

In 1991, Italy saw the light in the first two models of integrated amplifiers AUDIOGRAM, MB1 and MB2 called, two devices that mark the history of the prestigious brand.
In particular, the MB1 model becomes very successful and widespread, having been presented as the first high-end integrated amplifier separately controlled by a remote control.
These two models of amplifiers MB called "musical box" or the box music, introduced a new aspect in the world of musical reproduction: you could finally have equipments which integrates new technological and aesthetic devices that respond to
need to integrate with all types of Hi Fi and, above all, who could offer a ratio price / quality  until then unknown.
Since 1991 the amplifier MB1 was exported with great success in many countries.

Today, after more than twenty years, the successors of MB1 and MB2 were updated aesthetically and circuital, have become a single machine called
MB, which continues to be in the catalog and still one of the most popular products.

In 1991, more than the first amplifier, Audiogram, always attentive to the design and furnishing the home, thought to support a range of supports and complements the dedicated audio systems, were born the tables, shelves and other accessories. Different materials were used such as wood, metal, skilfully worked by large Italian companies to create elegant and functional products.

In the following years, new devices have helped to broaden the product range, we emphasize in the presentation at the 1997 world market ELLE1 electrostatic speaker, a very ambitious project, which saw the participation of a large team of designers and who had a long life before reaching its implementation phase.

In addition to the electrostatic speaker, as in the best tradition of Audiogram decades, the range of products is complemented by a range of speakers, not only aesthetically original, but the sound quality amazing.

The most recent projects, see the presentation of the "Top Line", or the realization of
amplification (
PW200 and PR200) ​​and a speaker (at the Five-S), for performance and beauty, are the best you can hear today.

AUDIOGRAM is now the only italian brand High End designed and manufactured in our country, which boasts a complete equipment for high-level audio and video reproduction, a range designed over twenty years of activity, a perfect combination of technological expertise, incomparable design and sound.